Mylittlejob for Agencies

We partner already with many international agencies and understand your challenges. Whether you are looking for a tool to manage a number of freelancers (quality, capacity, invoicing) or you need content, translations or data work done for one of your clients. Mylittlejob is the solution. Get access to our solutions and register for free now . If you want to have enterprise service? Then check out our enterprise solutions Go to Enterprise.

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  • Quality translations in 64 languages

Case Study: Agency


Describing the task:

For one of your customers, you need to produce 500 product descriptions and translations in three languages. With our intuitive web tool, you can easily set up the right workflow that includes content creation, translation in each language, and verification of results. Our web tool will ask you the right questions (eg: Task 1 product description: number of words, tonality, etc. | Task 2: source language, target language, etc.). Our system will automatically distribute the individual tasks throughout the workflow without any interaction needed. After you have uploaded the relevant documents and selected your payment method, the first tasks are automatically assigned.


Our algorithm successfully matched the task and expert:

Experts with a proven track record in the content creation category, with the required skills are notified of your task. Experts start working on the tasks. The selected experts have worked for similar clients on similar tasks and received outstanding feedback. Our systems ensures that the finished texts are sent to qualified translators for the respective languages. This ways tasks are handled simultaneously without any interaction from your end.


Delivery, check and acceptance of result:

You are notified that all tasks have been completed. All tasks can be downloaded from your dashboard. In the unlikely event that you are not 100% satisfied with the results, you may send results back to be revised. Reviews are always included - this incentives experts to produce excellent results in the first place. You may rate results to give our experts and algorithm feedback.

Want to be more productive? Let us be your partner.

We deliver final results so you wont have to manage various freelancers. We deliver the results per your request, covering a diverse range of services. We make sure results are delivered on time and according to your quality standards, so you can manage your projects successfully.