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We serve thousands of customers ranging from small to large e-commerce companies, from different industries with digital and physical products. We support our clients with product descriptions, SEO content, blog posts, product reviews and e-books. We also maintain data, enrich data, translate entire shops in a matter of days and edit images to ensure a consistent user experience on ecommerce sites. Mylittlejob is your one-stop shop solution. Explore our solutions and register now . Are you planning to use us on a large scale? Explore our enterprise solutions. Go to Enterprise.

  • Product Reviews
  • Product Descriptions
  • Product Data Enrichment
  • Editing of images

Case Study: E-Commerce


Describing the task:

You want to update and enrich the product feed data of your e-commerce shop as some useful information is not yet stored (eg: EAN codes). The data is already available in several excel spreadsheets but requires manual work to be added to your CMS. However, your internal resources are fully deployed with the more important day-to-day operations. With our intuitive web tool, you can easily create tasks. Our web tool captures relevant information (eg: desired format, necessary credentials etc.). You upload the supporting files, pick a payment method and your tasks are automatically assigned to experts with a proven track record.


Our algorithm successfully matched the task and expert:

Experts with a proven track record in the data category are notified of your tasks. Experts start working on the tasks simultaneously. The selected experts have worked for e-commerce clients on similar data tasks and received outstanding feedback. We leverage our scale and atomize to have numerous experts working simultaneously on your tasks. You can enjoy your evening in peace, knowing your tasks are taken care of.


Delivery, check and acceptance of result:

You are notified that all tasks have been completed. All tasks can be downloaded from your dashboard. In the unlikely event that you are not 100% satisfied with the results, you may send results back to be revised. Reviews are always included - this incentives experts to produce excellent results in the first place. You may rate results to give our experts and algorithm feedback.

Want to be more productive? Let us be your partner.

We deliver final results so you wont have to manage various freelancers. We deliver the results per your request, covering a diverse range of services. We make sure results are delivered on time and according to your quality standards, so you can manage your projects successfully.