Mylittlejob for Agencies

We partner already with many international agencies and understand your challenges. Whether you are looking for a tool to manage a number of experts or you need content, translations or data work done for one of your clients. Mylittlejob is the solution. Get access to our platform and register now for free. Are you interested in larger projects for that you might need consulting? Then check out our enterprise solutions.

  • Unique SEO Content
  • Manage thousands of experts easily
  • Extend your service portfolio
  • Quality translations in 66 languages

Case Study: Agency


1. Post the task:

One of your clients needs 500 product descriptions in three languages - by tomorrow? Don't worry, we have your back! Our intuitive web will guide you so that you can easily set up the right workflow and describe the jobs within a couple of minutes. Content creation, translation in each language, and verification of results - all distributed automatically.


Our algorithm successfully matched the task to an expert:

Experts with a proven track record in the content creation category start to work on the tasks. The selected experts have worked for similar clients on comparable tasks and have received outstanding feedback. Our system ensures that the finished texts are sent to qualified translators for the respective languages. This way, you can enjoy your evening, while tasks are handled simultaneously without any interaction from your end.


Delivery, check and acceptance of result:

The product descriptions as well as the translations are finished. You will now be automatically notified that the result is ready to download in your dashboard.

Want to be more productive? Let us be your partner.

We deliver final results so you wont have to manage various experts. We deliver the results per your request, covering a diverse range of services. We make sure results are delivered on time and according to your quality standards, so you can manage your projects successfully.