Quality and Turn Around guaranteed

Jobs are matched within 30 minutes to qualified experts. All experts completed an assessment test, results are peer-reviewed, payment only due when delivered on time.

Confidentiality and Compliance guaranteed

All experts are bound by state-of-the-art confidentiality agreements. All aspect of tax and legal requirements are met - contracts designed by PWC.

Reducing Overhead for Clients

All handling of freelancers is automated. An algorithm assigns projects to freelancers who demonstrated the required skills in tests and previous projects - no proposals, no email communication and no selection hassle.

Trusted and loved by more than 5.000 companies across the globe.

How it works

Felix Zeltner

"We had more than 200 contacts researched in 48 hours for one of our international conferences in Europe. Mylittlejob stands for the future of work with technological quality management.”

Felix Zeltner

Journalist and Entreprenuer

Alexis Maybank

"We engaged with more than 1.000 students across 3 countries through a single interface and not a single email back and forth. More than 21.920 images were tagged in less than 2 months."

Alexis Maybank

Founder of Gilt.com

Fabrice Grinda

“I prefer MLJ over classical freelancing as it just returns research results in form of a PPTX on the workforce split between contractors and FTE in the nuclear industry - without the overhead of finding the right freelancer and the tedious back and forth."

Fabrice Grinda

Global Investor and Leading Entrepreneur