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Podcast Transcription

3 voices | Topic: Urban Development | Length: 60min


Unique SEO Content

700 words | topic: Industries transformed by artificial intelligence | volume: 10 texts


Market Research

25 competitors | industry: food start ups | 15 data fields per company


Translation into several different Languages

800 words | source language: German | destination language: Italian, English, Spanish


Lead Generation

100 contacts | position: PR | fashion magazines | info required: email, phone number


Data Entry and Enrichment

2000 data entries | 1. step:updating | 2. step add EAN codes, link to image data base


Software Development

language: python (scrapy) | requirement: crawler for competitor pricing in ecommerce


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Felix Zeltner

"We had more than 200 contacts researched in 48 hours for one of our international conferences in Europe. Mylittlejob stands for the future of work with technological quality management.”

Felix Zeltner

Journalist and Entreprenuer

Alexis Maybank

"We engaged with more than 1.000 students across 3 countries through a single interface and not a single email back and forth. More than 21.920 images were tagged in less than 2 months."

Alexis Maybank

Founder of

Fabrice Grinda

“I prefer MLJ over classical freelancing as it just returns research results in form of a PPTX on the workforce split between contractors and FTE in the nuclear industry - without the overhead of finding the right freelancer and the tedious back and forth."

Fabrice Grinda

Global Investor and Leading Entrepreneur