Digital Workforce for Agencies

With over 250,000 vetted experts we support leading agencies worldwide. Our AI driven SaaS solution effortlessly enables agencies to employ our Digital Workforce, accept more clients and grow their business.


No time wasted. Dedicated onboarding to start instantly.

AI enabled Freelancing

Data-driven talent matching. Start your project in under 30 minutes with an average turnaround time of 24 hours.


Expand your service portfolio, be a full service agency and easily handle peak situations.


Build repeatable processes, increase your ROI, reallocated resources and accept more clients.

Scale your agency

The ability to simply outsource content creation on-demand allows our agency clients to accept up to twice as many clients and scale internal staff where it actually matters. Agency’s human resources are reallocated into growth departments to reach new revenue goals.

Get work done fast

Save weeks of time. Our AI infused matching connects the ideal talent to your job in under 30 minutes based on verified data. Getting work done on MLJ means no contracts, no legal discrepancies, no endless back and forth communication, no negotiations.

Quality guarantee

The offered quality check through verification of an additional expert is the agency's peace of mind. All experts have to pass challenging recruiting tests and are continuously vetted through an ongoing assessment centers. Our proven global skill score only allows experts with a proven track record to accept and complete assignments.

  • SEO Brand Profiles
  • How-to & Blog Articles
  • Translation in Brand Voice
  • Portfolio Image Editing

You are in Great Company

We serve thousands of customers ranging from small to large agencies, from advertising and marketing to design and branding. We support our clients with SEO copywriting, blog posts, product reviews, and e-books.

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